The guide service

The help I can provide can be roughly divided in three categories:

Help you decide on a walk or tour that suits your abilities and interests

This aspect tends to get a little overlooked but in Crete there is such a wide choice of walks (have a look at some of the examples on the home page) that it is difficult to decide what is suitable without trial and error. I am quite capable of assessing your condition and experience by asking you a few questions and will then offer you some suggestions as to what may be suitable and in accordance with your interests. The time of the year and weather conditions are of course also a factor.


Help you with getting there and if necessary finding the right accommodation at the right price

Getting to the starting point of a walk is not always simple, even if you have your own car (how do you do it unless you come back to your starting point?). Sometimes it is better to use public transport, sometimes a taxi. But taxis will refuse to drive on an unsurfaced road: how do you find a local who brings you to where you want to go? On some walks (I am thinking of Pachnes in particular but there are others) it can save you a day's walking, or several hours on a tedious gravel road in the burning sun.
There are not always simple solutions but I am more likely to know the ins and outs of getting transport to a specific point and back than most.
I also know where to find suitable accommodation if required.


Guide you on the walk or tour

Guiding a walk does not only consists of getting people safely from A to B. You also need to know alternatives in case of sudden weather changes or other difficulties, know where to find water. I will also provide you with a list of things that you need to take with you according to the walk and time of the year.
A good guide also needs to be able to provide information about the surroundings, the people, customs, history and I believe I am quite knowledgeable.



How much does it cost?

I charge 140 per day (plus accommodation and food expenses for trips lasting several days) If you want to hire me on your own it is not cheap but shared through two or more it is money well-spent.
This will of course include discussing your wishes and providing you with the necessary information prior to your walk or tour.

On some very arduous walks (winter crossings of the White Mountains or if you want to cross them in one day in the summer for example) I may want to charge more. I may also charge less if it is something which does not take a whole day. Just email me and ask.